Do you know dumbbells?

Fitness is divided into fitness without equipment and fitness with equipment. Among the fitness equipment, there are large-scale fitness equipment as well as home-use equipment. Due to the limitation of the place where most people live, small home fitness equipment is more popular. Dumbbells are fitness equipment that many people often use. The price is relatively affordable, and the training moves are all over the body!

The following are the benefits of dumbbell fitness

1. Improve muscle control ability  

Dumbbells are only controlled by the way of holding them. If you don't have good control ability, like a compass, you can turn east and west. So if you want to maintain the direction and weight of the dumbbells, you have to learn to seek assistance from other muscle groups so that muscle control can be improved.  Generally, the control ability is not good. When using dumbbells to do multi-joint exercises, it is easy to cause the movement to shake. Once the movement is shaken and there is a little uncertainty, it may cause joint damage or loss of muscle sensitivity, which will greatly reduce training.   Give an obvious example: bench press. Usually, when doing a dumbbell bench press, it is recommended to fix the shoulder blades first, which is beneficial to the later press. When pushing, it is hoped that the angle between the elbow and the torso, the drop point, and the direction of the dumbbells, all try to maintain a certain trajectory.   If you cannot maintain a certain level of exercise trajectory, it may mean that the dumbbells are too heavy, or your body is not ready for dumbbell training at all. It is recommended to reduce the weight first, and strengthen the stability of the torso and enhance the core strength.

2. Solve the unbalanced state 

Normal people should have "dominant hands", which is even more obvious in heavy training. Some people will have an imbalance in the left and right muscle strength (or muscle size) due to long-term use of dominant hand training. how should I solve this? Dumbbells are a very useful correction tool.  Because the dumbbell weight is optional. You can strengthen on the weak side; or train with the weight that the weak side can bear, until the two hands are almost adjusted. However, the correction of the non-dominant hand is limited. After all, the dominant hand still has an advantage, and it may not be possible to achieve the same perfection.

3. You can exercise from top to bottom to  

The training that some people can do with dumbbells may only stop at the single-joint movement of the two-head curl. In fact, dumbbells can do full-body exercises, from two-head curling, three-head stretching, dumbbell rowing, squatting, deadlifting to the small muscles of the forearm. It is highly practical. In addition, dumbbells can also be adjusted through weight to meet the muscle endurance required by runners, the necessary explosive power for athletes, and the hypertrophy effect pursued by bodybuilders, responding to the needs of different training groups.

4. Unilateral training is more difficult  

One on one side, the biggest feature of dumbbells is that they can do one-handed and one-sided training. Not only is it convenient to make corrections, but it can also be trained to unilateral control and core anti-rotation power.   is like walking as a farmer, because there is only one side of the weight, so the body is easy to lean to one side. At this time, the core muscle groups on the opposite side must fight hard and pull the torso back to the middle to achieve the effect of simultaneous training.


5. A healthier heart

Resistance training such as lifting dumbbells can increase blood flow in the limbs and protect cardiovascular health. Lifting dumbbells can also play a certain role in consuming fat and glucose. It has a better effect on weight loss and the prevention of coronary heart disease and diabetes.

6. Increase body softness

Studies have found that lifting dumbbells 3 times a week for 16 weeks will significantly improve the softness of the hips and shoulders, increase the sitting forward bending performance by 11%, and your body balance will become better.
Finally, a reminder that although dumbbell training has many benefits and is convenient to start, there is still a risk of injury. The key is that people who exercise do not master good methods. If there is no basis for muscle strength, it is not recommended to add a lot of weight at a time. It is best to do it in a "gradual load" way to make dumbbell training effective. Otherwise, it will strain your muscles and damage your body